The Great Gatsby

  With The Great Gatsby hitting theaters tomorrow, we thought we’d share some of our favourite 1920’s gowns from our ‘Forget Me Not’ collection.

With the gorgeous weather we’ve been having this spring, it was impossible not to keep our selection light, whimsical and romantic.

    _MG_1069  _MG_0956

This 1920’s wedding dress is simply divine, angelic and delicious. Yes, I said delicious.

Glass beads line the neckline and skirt. The silk drapes so elegantly over her silhouette and flows as if it’s part of the wind.

Model: Faery Lepidoptera
Photographer: Megan Breukelman Photography
Makeup: Zoey Arbour
Hair: Morgan Inniss
P1050854 P1050858 P1050856
1920’s black silk gown with white, grey and black beading.
Elegant and stunning! And of course all hand beaded.
This dress could possibly be one of my favourites in my vintage collection. (Don’t quote me…I say that about almost every piece.) But seriously. It’s simplicity and elegance take my breath away. And maybe it has something to do with how it does up? It’s not your average 1920’s pull over…the hook & eyes, clasps and secret under layers! Ah! It’s just fun putting it on!
Stunning or what?!
P1050877   P1050876
Ok, this one has got to be my favourite! (But who’s keeping track?) Truly a masterpiece!
Hello Gorgeous!
‘Lady of Blair’
This little darling is a 1920’s cream silk dress paired with a 1960’s peach swing jacket. Despite a few stains here and there, the dress is in great shape for its age. It would make for a beautiful wedding dress or a cocktail/sundress.

Model: Becky Littleton
Photographer: Brogan McNab
Hair Stylist: Rachelle Gill
Makeup Artist: Avery Lynn Artistry
Are you heading to the movies this weekend? Enjoy the show!

Vintage Crawl TONIGHT

Toronto Vintage Crawl!
Dozens of vintage shops in the West End of Toronto will have their doors open extra late tonight!


Tonight, May 9th, dozens of vintage shops in the West End will be open late, 7pm – Midnight, for shopping, drinks and treats.  We are excited to be included in this fun event and hope that you can make it out, score some deals and crack open a Kronenbourg with us.

101 SUPERmarket is only open until Sunday so let’s go out with a BANG!

1418 Dundas St W or #10 on the VCTO map!!


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Go Green!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 

It’s a known fact that history is constantly repeating itself, especially when it comes to the wonderful world of fashion. There are constantly styles from the past that are being reworked into today’s designs. When you buy vintage  you are getting something that cannot be found in chain stores. It is limited, one of a kind and a piece that only you will have. Since fashion is constantly repeating itself it’s easy to find a vintage piece that compliments the current fashion trends. It is also easy to find classics…vintage designs and silhouettes that have never gone out of style. Or use vintage to set yourself apart from the mainstream and fashion trends.

Buying vintage is a great way to save some money. Majority of cases, the vintage pieces you find have been worn before. They’re not new…hand me downs to be exact. Unless of course you stumble upon a dead stock gem…rare but not unheard of. However, with that being said… High quality vintage is hard to find especially when you start purchasing pieces from the 1920’s and 1930’s. The beauty of buying high-end vintage is that those pieces are timeless. Classics. They’ll never go out of style no matter how long they hang in your closet. Buying high-end usually comes with a pretty penny, but in the end it’s worth it because you will wear it time and again. Take “the little black dress” for example…As long as you’re smart with your money and buy pieces that flatter your figure and personality, that piece will stay in your wardrobe for years and years to come because elegance and glamour never go out of style.

           DownloadedFile-3         DownloadedFile-4


When buying vintage be sure to inspect the quality. Since vintage pieces have (in most cases) been worn before you want to make sure it’s still in good if not great condition. There was a lot more emphasis on clothing being well made back in the day because clothes had to last longer back then.

Have you ever bought a vintage garment or accessory? If the answer is yes-give yourself a pat on the back! You have helped theP1050679 planet by recycling and reducing pollution that goes into producing a new garment. Fuel for shipping, energy to produce, factory emissions, dumping of dyes and chemicals…the list goes on! You are also saving those vintage items from ending up in a landfill. Also, keep in mind that majority of vintage stores are usually run by a charity or a small/local business. What’s holding you back? You get trending, timeless designs, high quality garments, you’re helping the planet by reducing, reusing and recycling and you’re helping out a local business or charity. Get moving and ‘Go Green!’

P1050704         P1050710

In honour of this blog and coincidentally just in time for St. Patrick’s Day…we have added green dresses and coats to our online shop. Green’s not your colour? That’s ok…we have lots of other vintage pieces available.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars! Toronto’s Vintage Clothing & Textile Show is coming up April 14th 2013. ‘Forget Me Not’ by EmmaPaige will be there! See ya then!




 It’s that time of year. It’s only March but high school girls all over
are already planning for that big day….Prom of course!


Determined to find that perfect dress, with the perfect shoes, hair and makeup and of course the perfect date! Who will be the lucky guy?!

The hunt for that dress has already started for most girls. Traveling far and wide to find The. Dress. The dress that no other girl will be wearing. The dress that you’ve dreamed about all year! Ahh…The Dress.

Boys have it easy. Which store will they be renting their tux from? It may be easier but not nearly as much fun! Us girls spend hours priming and prepping while the boys go golfing or hang out by the pool until an hour before when they rush in to put on their tux and throw some gel in their hair. Tah dah! Their mother’s are usually more excited for the day then they are, rushing them out the door and reliving their prom days in their head. Once they get to the pre formal party for pictures the camera snapping begins, determined not to miss a moment.

The worst possible thing that could happen to a girl on Prom night? Showing up in the same dress as someone else. Most stores selling prom dresses are really great about this. They will take your name and school down once you purchase the dress to ensure no one else from your school buys the same one. Avoiding that awkward moment all together.

Have you ever considered vintage for your prom? I’ll tell you one thing’s for sure…if you wear vintage to your prom no one and I mean no one will show up wearing the same dress as you. The silhouettes, designs, fabrics and colours are so elegant…there’s nothing like it in today’s fashions.



Imagine! Stepping out in your peach vintage gown with rhinestone details and layers beyond layers of tulle, your skirt swishes as you move gracefully across the dance floor. You are so elegant the room watches in awe. What’s the story behind your vintage dress? Was the original owner crowned Prom Queen? Did she grow up to be a movie star? Did she have her first kiss in that dress? Did she marry her prom date?

Why were times so much more romantic back then? Men were so charming in an attempt to woo you and sweep you off your feet. They showed up at your door with flowers, car doors were opened for you, milkshakes were shared. What’s happened to the romance? Now, you cram as many friends as possible into a giant stretch SUV limo contraption and sneak in as many bottles of champagne as possible and you’re lucky if your date even makes it to the last song. Let’s step back in time…to a time when life was simple with less distractions. Don’t let the romance slip away. Make this years Prom magical, glamorous and romantic…just the way it should be.


Model: Becky Littleton
Photographer: Brogan McNab
Hair: Rachelle Gill
MUA: Avery Lynn Artistry
Styled & Wardrobe: EmmaPaige
P1050639    P1050654    P1050632
If you are looking for that perfect vintage prom dress this year ‘Forget Me Not’ by EmmaPaige has got you covered! New pieces are added daily. Be sure to visit for the full collection
Stay beautiful.

Get me to the church on time

A day most girls dream about their entire life. It starts with a white pillowcase on your head attempting to resemble some sort of veil and a white sheet or towel wrapped around your body. Not the most glamorous wedding attire…but in your mind you are a fairytale princess dressed in white. The room is silent as your guests (dolls and teddy bears) watch in awe as you dance gracefully around your bedroom. Sound familiar? Or was this just me…?

You have your dream day planned in your head, including the venue, food and the man of your dreams. Maybe a tall brown haired fellow with honey brown eyes and a smile that makes you weak in the knees, or maybe a short blonde haired boy who looks identical to Ryan Gosling…or Ryan Gosling himself?

Once you start planning your day (for real this time and without the advice of your teddy bears…) your dreams start to become real. Now that your knight in shining armour (whomever he may be…Ryan Gosling or the boy next door) is in the picture, you are no longer planning this day on your own…together you plan your white wedding.

Big or small, hot or cold, inside or out…Ladies, one choice remains yours and only yours. The dress. Ohhh the dress!  Hopefully by the time your wedding comes around you know what style(s) work with your figure and what style dress you’re comfortable in. If you’re not sure, that’s ok, because trying on hundreds of weddings dresses is fun too! One tradition that still lives on and I hope never dies…the revealing of the dress. No offence men and no pressure ladies! But I’ve been to my share of weddings and never have I heard people raving about the grooms tux or suit. Unless of course it’s Batman’s tux! (Friends reference anyone?)

Getting back to The Dress. Whether you’re going above and beyond or small and intimate, the dress should flatter you 100% and represent your personality and you as a woman. Maybe you want to go with a poofy princess silhouette, something soft and elegant or maybe a style that’s timeless and classy. Speaking of timeless and classy…have you considered vintage for your big day? You avoid mass production and you’re helping the world by reducing and reusing! Not to mention there is just something about vintage fashion that you just can’t get in today’s design houses. The styles and fabrics are feminine, elegant and everlasting…. what more could you want for your big day?

May you and your prince charming live happily ever after xo



1950’s Ceil Chapman



1930’s lace wedding dress

Modern veil with Edwardian lace hem hand stitched by EmmaPaige



1930’s lace dress with 1920’s gelatin sequin collar

1920’s original silk veil



1920’s original wedding dress



1950’s lace wedding dress



Reworked 1980’s vintage wedding dress

Modern day veil by EmmaPaige

Photo Credits:

Photographer: Megan Breukelman Photography

Makeup: Zoey Arbour

Hair: Morgan Inniss


Faery Lepidoptera

Jessica Venuto

Serena Lu


Decorating on a budget

Decorating for the Christmas season but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg?!

Mason jars and tea lights are your new best friends this holiday season.

Have you accumulated some burnt out Christmas bulbs this year? Instead of throwing them into our landfill sites, use them to decorate! Fill a mason jar or glass vase with coloured bulbs…add a tea light and voilà!

Candy canes are a classic and one of my faves! If you can manage to not dissolve them all into your hot chocolate, put them in a small mason jar and leave them out for your guests to enjoy! To give your jar some extra sparkle, plastic “diamond” jewels can be found at Dollarama.

It’s pomegranate and clementine season! Hurray!!

My very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree :)

Fill a large mason jar 3/4 full of dirt…add some evergreen boughs and a few ornaments.  I kept my decorations classy and simple but you could have a lot of fun with this idea.

Fill the bottom of a small mason jar with rose hips and a tea light.

What’s a rose hip you ask?

Grapevine wreath with Christmas ornaments.

I found this wreath in my basement and attached the ornaments using light craft wire. You can find grapevine wreaths at an all season garden centre or Michaels. If you’re feeling creative…find wild grapevines and weave your own! Christmas balls were purchased at HomeSense.

Poinsettias!! This little babe was purchased for $3.99 at a garden center on Roncessvalles Ave. & Howard Park Ave. Toronto

P.S Be sure to grab the Food & Drink Holiday 2012 mag at your local LCBO for holiday drink and food recipes.

Take your decorating into all your rooms in your home…including your bathroom! Wrap your fixtures with coloured lights.

My very first banister!

Link the strongest boughs with craft wire to create your base. Weave the lighter boughs into the base and mix up your evergreens for different textures. I made my own bows from red ribbon purchased at Dollarama.

Use the remaining boughs on your front door.

  Pull out your dead summer pot arrangements but leave the dirt in! Arrange a selection of evergreens, red dog wood and birch branches. If your dirt has frozen, bring it inside to warm up overnight…it will make your life a whole lot easier. To finish off the arrangement fasten large red balls into the arrangement.  Balls purchased at HomeSense.

Still have leftover greens? Put a mini arrangement together for your table using fresh flowers and red berries. You can use a vase, mason jar or even a teapot!

To give your home that extra added touch of Christmas…heaven in a jar.

Balsam & Cedar soy candle from Chapters $9.00

Remember! Candles are a great way to create that warm vibe in your home but never leave a candle unattended. Evergreens can catch fire very easily especially once they start to dry out.


In Flanders Field…

…The Poppies Blow

A special time to remember the soldiers who fought and continue to fight for our country.

Wear your poppy proudly on November 11th and take a moment to reflect and honour the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for our country and freedom.

Grandma & Grandpa WWII

Grandpa WWII

This dress is not only a Pierre Balmain masterpiece, but a dress that signifies the day of remembrance.

A timeless, sophisticated, feminine dress that was designed specifically by Balmain for a dignitaries wife in the 1960’s.

This navy silk cocktail dress has a structured corset like bodice, square neckline and a close fitted skirt with fine gathers.

The bodice has a shawl type design that fastens to the dress at the waistline. The shawl naturally flows away from the back bodice creating a sensational drape of fabric.

Twitter: @EmmaPaigeDesign